Youth Ministry


We believe the Second Baptist Church Youth Ministry to be the ministry of the church that is conducted for, with and by young people.  As the church where, “The Word is the Word,” We believe in operating in accordance with the Holy Scripture.

This means that the ministry will strive for excellence in events, and programs, however making the relationship with God the primary focus.  We believe that being a people-focused ministry will foster the personal development of the individual gifts of the youth, thus making it possible to drive young people towards spiritual maturity.  This, in turn, will duly enrich the Kingdom of God with youthful, faithful servants who have the ability to minister to others and assist in the vision of bringing the”UN-churched” into a personal relationship with God.

Core Values
There are 3 Core Values of the Second Baptist Church Youth Ministry:  Worship, Word & Work

WORSHIP – Often the very first or the most frequent experience young people will have with SBC is through worship.  We will teach themhow to worship and why we worship Christ.

WORD – SBC aims to provide a Biblical basis that helps mature young people as disciples of Jesus Christ, so that they understand how to apply Christian principles to their lives.

WORK – SBC creates an environment of fellowship and stewardship that gives young people an outlet through frequent interactions with peers and adult saints to further develop young people spirtually.